Rail Logistics

TLG's Rail Group's central purpose is to ensure that other Trinity business units are employing the most cost-effective and efficient methods available when utilizing rail to ship product. TLG's rail group accomplishes this goal by offering these rail freight management services:

Rail pricing for carload shipments from Trinity facilities and suppliers
  • Negotiation of rail contracted rates for key lanes
  • Rate quotes to provide optimal cost routing
  • Continuous cost-saving initiatives with railroad marketing representatives
Oversight of railroad freight accounts
  • Auditing of freight bills
  • Initiation of and follow up for formal disputes filed with carriers, including freight claims
  • Review of demurrage charges accrued
Rail operations support
  • Tracking and tracing shipments
  • Diverting, expediting, ordering, rebilling equipment
  • Providing insight on rail trip plans and transit times
Trinity Logistics Group