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Trinity Logistics Group, Inc. (TLG) prides itself in having the best drivers and the lowest driver turnover rates in the country. We average less than 30% annualized turnover in an environment where the average turnover typically exceeds 100%.

The TLG team is committed to each of its drivers to ensure success and safety. Ongoing training and interaction between drivers and management is a hallmark of working with TLG. Since many TLG drivers remain at the company throughout their careers, they establish lifelong friendships with many of their co-workers. It is not at all uncommon to have drivers stay with us 10, 15 and even 20 years. We've recently had a driver who celebrated his 43nd anniversary with the company.

Although there are no "guaranteed" runs at TLG, our drivers are frequently able to run the same routes. This has allowed many of our drivers to establish long term relationships with our facility personnel, as well as vendors. Our drivers frequently go to facilities owned or operated by Trinity Industries, Inc. or its affiliates that both ship and receive company freight. Each driver is treated with respect by our facility personnel. At TLG, we believe our advantage is maintained by ensuring that we attract and keep the best drivers in the industry.

What matters most to TLG is our driver's opinion. If you are a professional truck driver looking for a long-term career with a solid company and proven track record, then TLG is for you. You may contact our HR recruiters at (877) 876-4227 or complete our online Driver Application.

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